A poet, essayist and aesthetician of Fine Arts, he is one of the most important representatives of the “generation of dissenters” in Greece. Corresp. Member of Accademia Internazionale  del Verbano (Italy). He was born in Paeanea, Greece. He studied Dramatic Art (Athens National Conservatory), Psychology (Athens Centre of Studies and Searches of Psychology) and Publicity (Centre “Academos”). Diploma of Seminar of Superior Musical Education (Instructor and Director: Florian Dabrowski, Professor of Superior Musical Academy of Poznan – Poland). Diploma of Seminar of Music and Musicology (Foundation of Music – Holy Metropolis of Kissamos and Selinos of Crete). He appeared in literature in 1969.
He directed (editor in chief) the magazines “Culture Updating”, “Directions”, “Art”, “Ceramic Chronicles”, “EI”, “Apodemon Epos” (Greeks’ Abroad Speech”) etc. He co-operated as a writer and art critic with “Vradini”, a daily newspaper of Athens, and with one of the Greek State Radio Stations – ERA 4. He worked with the theatre aesthetics and created the sound pieces “I Selini I Sappho” (Sappho, the Moon) – which was mounted twice at the Festival “Chrystalleia”  of Penteli – and “Apodipno” (Evening Service) – which was presented twice in Athens under the aegis of the Spanish Embassy. Both pieces were based on his poetry. He designed the internal constitution of the Municipal Museum “Stratis Doukas” (Municipality of Zografou, Athens) and the Historic-Ecclesiastic Museum of Paeanea “The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ”. He has been: 1.Professor of History of Modern Greek Literature at the Drama School of the Athens National Conservatory. 2.President of the Cultural Committee of Paeanea’s Municipality. 3. President of the Foundation’s Committee of  the Historical Ecclesiastic Museum of Paeanea. 4.President of the Disciplinary Council of the Cultural Journalists Union Vice–Chairman of the Greek Committee in the World Assembly of Youth (W.A.Y.) of the United Nations. 5.Vice – Chairman of the Greek Writers Association “Unifying Process of Authors”. 6.General Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Association of Modern Greek Litterateurs (Shelter of Letters and of Fine Arts - Ministry of Civilization).
He has published hundreds of the theoretical analyses and essays, many of which were translated and published abroad (U.S.A., Belgium, Italy, France, India). He has also written many books and now, he has extended artistic and cultural activities through the European Art Center, of which he is the Chairman.


Our purpose is to materialize our concern for man. To carry-over his nature through our intellectual creations. To acknowledge and face courageously and realistically life’s phenomenon as historic conditions have formulated it, without escaping from measurements and without any deviation from the principles that govern the solid functioning of civilization.
The composition of such an aim leads directly to the development of a two-fold cultural individual, i.e. to the man of thought and the man of action. It expresses the awareness of the apostolic presence of any person who is determined to carry-on to the present the hard effort of an idea and the purification of an act which, in the name of the first, is completed and repeated for the benefit of a continuing present. Thus, time acquires its historic essence, and to our belief, it gives us a hint of eternity. The only way by which we can feel it, is the manifestation of a cooperation which takes place in order to form and create the conditions of rightfulness and control the acquired carelessness, called apathy.
Unfortunately, we live in the “constellation of apathy”. There are many who avoid emotion; they prefer disturbance, they are indifferent to the hearing of a sound; they enjoy noises. The teleoptical picture annuls a live excursion. The lack of understanding and communication increases idle talk and the latter entails to the non-knowledge of the loss of time. Substantially, time is killed and along with it every hope toward the effort of new understanding is killed. All these in a reasonable sequence, finally lead to man’s absence who, in order to regain the continuity of the present has to be subdued to the necessity of the "means" which supposedly will ensure to him the ideal restoration. Whether or not he was deceived is now a dilemma absolutely personal. At some other times, when the targets were visible and the “means” were known and specific, there had been common questions. Now, that I am writing these lines there are no common questions. Every person has a strictly personal problematism which is different from that of the other. And besides, this is the reason that today there is not the “other”. We do not intend to exhibit mental smartness. We bend and search to find the
element that causes pain to us. We do not wish to be humorous in order to be away from troubles and in order to build our defenses. We strive to conquer the reasoning of contrasts in order to be able to overcome the violence of laughter, in order to fall into a spontaneous pleasure.
But why do we do all these? Now we are nearer to the road that leads to truth, is it not so?
If one can follow the internal nature of social facts he will reach the conclusion that we all pursue to show what we are; not what we do. Our own self goes ahead two steps from our task.
Therefore, this egotism has not any connection with human approach. It repulses, it does not attract. It does not concentrate, it eliminates to remoteness. “The other” will continue to be “non-existent” since we chase him away and he therefore avoids us. And the manifestations of our intellect shall go astray since we display them to persons isolated and lonely, very lonely, same as we are; and yet we create and then re-organize. What this could be?
We should try to understand the initiation of intellectual man’s liability : it is mild and has a “finesse” – it is not authoritative. Show what you have created with your hand and your heart. Then retreat, that is to say, depart. That’ s enough. Say that you have directly hit the target.
The present educational manifestations are pre-conceived, if not pre-directed by the spirit of “power”. An arrogant and antagonistic atmosphere enriched by the silly talk of all those individual carriers of cultural activities. Their aim: the “profit” ensuing from one of the means !! To perform at the “Herodion Theatre”, this is a pursued aim!
But we do participate in all these things. We are partners in guilt. To become accomplices shall be the unexpected ideal. Complicity to civilization is the expression of vibrating noble ambition and dignity, and of a sacrifice that cannot be compensated.

Complicity breaks and dissolves the power of apathy. It promotes the gentleness and the grace of action. It has a social status. It does not devide. It resurrects every one of our dead moments and it applies to whatever is living; that is, to whatever remains-due to its beautiful existence- immortal...

Translated poems of Evangelos Andreou in Spanish, in Arabic, in Indian and in Russian.


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